Nicole Katsuras: Painting Outside the Lines


Just one look is never enough for the work of Nicole Katsuras.

Every glance leads to several more, and suddenly the eye is transfixed by the elaborate and beautiful mark-makings that are detailed enough to capture and ultimately memorize every viewer. Katsuras describes her work at “built” as much as they are painted. With layers upon layers of oil paint, she creates such art that is the epitome of expressive abstraction. There are no rules for this artist, as she throws caution to the wind and lets her daringly elaborate work speak for itself.

Nicole Katsuras received a Master of Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London, and also has an Honors Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto. She is currently working on several solo exhibitions in Vancouver, Arkansas, and Toronto, where she plans showcase her masterful abstract talent.

Katsuras draws much of her inspiration from the natural energy and vibrations of nature. With thick blobs, scrapings, and brush strokes, each painting tells a story all its own. Cumulatively, her paintings have an undeniable charisma to them, but still each one unique in its own way.  She is a master at juxtaposing color, composition, and texture to bring her works to a jaw-dropping level of detail.

Nicole is currently living in Toronto, Canada

Echo Heard on the Mountain, 2020 Oil on Canvas 60 x 60 in

Nocturne, 2020 Oil on Canvas 60 x 60 in

Travelling Forms, 2020 Oil on Canvas 48 x 48 in


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4600 PGA Blvd. Ste 101
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418
United States
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