Modernizing Muses Through Pop Art

Amy Shekhter views her artwork from several different angles. She is equally as invested in the creative process as she is the viewing experience once her work is completed. Throughout each of these focuses, she is devoted to one ultimate task at hand; marrying iconic imagery to modern day elements. She is unafraid of boldness, re-envisioning some of the most iconic faces throughout history in a world of glamour. 


Amy's process is as multi-dimensional as her finished product. She first approaches her art through digital means, mastering the craft of a few different design platforms to achieve a flawless base. Once a foundation is created, the real fun can begin. Amy enlists the help of glitter, crystals, resin and more delicious accessories to create a truly dynamic viewing experience. 




"Her admiration for influential females can be seen in her past and current works, as she creates a playful spin on contemporary culture using prominent branding and bold colors."




Amy blends her passion for iconic women of history with her admiration for modern day fashion while presenting a subtle commentary on commercialism's role in our modern lives. She elects a representation of 60's super models now reimagined donning crystal headphones and candy Ring Pop's. Her pieces are no doubt a fun and energizing escape. It's like falling into a candy, fashion, fine art dream and through her expert eye, all of these elements create an exceptional harmony on the canvas.


Amy is able to draw inspiration from many different aspects of her life. She grew up in Alaska, having moved to the Sunshine State in 2002 to pursue a degree in education. She went on to utilize her degree teaching art in public and private school settings, as well as museums and galleries. In more recent years, she has directed her focus to her own portfolio. It is this journey that has brought her and her work to galleries and art shows throughout Florida, including showing in Art Basel, Miami in 2021. 


Amy Shekhter's creativity is undeniable. Viewing her work is similar to an indulgent stop at a gourmet bakery counter, taking in all of the elements like bold colors, intricate textures, and layers of a delicious confection that is simply impossible to resist. 


4600 PGA Blvd. Ste 101
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418
United States


Mon - Thurs: 10 - 5

Fri - Sat: 10 - 6

Sun 12 - 3


4600 PGA Blvd. Ste 101
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418
United States
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