Stephanie Paige - Mesmerizing Marble Plaster


Belonging to Luna

Marble Plaster & Mixed Media on Wood Panel

48"H x 72"W

When contemplating mediums generally used in the arts to create landscape inspired meditative scenes, plaster is not generally one that comes to mind. Artist Stephanie Paige has taken inspiration from both nature and Renaissance frescoes to pioneer an entirely new way of masterpiece-making. 

Growing up in the Michigan wilderness, Stephanie was always inspired by the nature that surrounded her. Coming from a long line of artists, Stephanie was encouraged to create in any and every way she saw fit. Taking found objects in her childhood home and painting and drawing on them was where her art career began. 

Paige eventually relocated to California where she opened Paige Studio. Through the establishment of her newfound studio, she found herself boldly exploring different mediums and intentionally pushing the boundaries as to what was possible in her work. Separating herself from the basis of drawing and painting, Paige gathered inspiration in the art of Renaissance wall frescoes and various other modern day wall finishing techniques. Venetian plaster, also known as marble plaster, became her source of artistry. Realistically, it is very difficult in today's art world to find a new technique or niche of any kind. However, Stephanie truly makes pieces that have never been made before. She beautifully uses the technique of applying plaster in various colors, burnishing, and polishing as you would a foe finished wall; and emphatically creates stunning zen masterpieces.

Lately, Stephanie has been expressing her exploration of meditation through her work. She continuously adds bold mandala shapes into her serene backgrounds which adds an element of surprise and curiosity to her artwork. Her practice of pure Metta, which is genuine wishing of happiness for all creatures, is prevalent. It exudes calmed joy and gratitude for the present moment. 

Her work continues to gain traction and is now featured all over the globe. She has been published in over 50 magazines and was commissioned to create 14 large scale ocean pieces for Sharp Coronado Hospital. Apart from that, she is in galleries and private homes around the world. 

"My creations start with play time, I am a child playing with material and I let go of all the outcomes. Enchanted with the present moment, I let the interactions between the material and my hands just dance together. In my work, I see rich textured soil, clear blue water, spacious open sky and a soft breeze. In my pieces of art you can see the contemporary feel mixed with a rustic earthy feel, two complete opposites that dance well together. I focus on rich colors, I am pulled toward curtain colors and each one give me some emotional feeling that I’m looking for. I feel each work of art is meant for someone, setting each one find it's way to the person it's meant for. I am attached only in the memories of making them and love that someone will have receive what I have already felt. I practice Metta and put it into each piece, Metta (Pali) is a benevolence toward all beings, without discrimination, that is free of selfish attachment. It is a strong, sincere wish for the happiness of all beings."

- Stephanie Paige

Cool Blue

Marble Plaster & Mixed Media on Wood Panel

60"H x 60"W x 3"D


Marble Plaster & Mixed Media on Wood Panel

60"H x 60"W x 3"D

Rothko Blue

Mixed Media on Panel

48"H x 36"W x 3"D


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