Kelly Luchini
Appraiser / Consultant
Studio E Gallery is proud and fortunate to have art expert Kelly Luchini as its Director. Extensive training and impressive credentials back her personal, detailed attention to clients' fine art needs.

Jason Fennell
Operations Manager
Jason functions within the many realms: website maintenance, document creation, data base management, and gallery operations, as well as installations, transport and consultant.

Evan Evan
Evan and Ann Griffith
For Ann and Evan, first came the fascination with art, then the practice of it (in the form of painting), and finally a love of collecting. But this wasn't enough. To better serve the extraordinary artists of our time, Studio E was born. "We think you will be as engaged by the works of these artists as we are. Every artist's story is different, but at the root these things are the same: they work long, hard hours; they are dedicated to perfecting their vision; none of them is making a killing; they give you the best of themselves. Enjoy the fruits of their many labors, as we have. Filling your world with the creativity of others will inspire you in your own endeavors."

Our Mission
We all serve one another. That's our philosophy. If we serve you well, you will spread the word about Studio E, and by doing so, you enable today's artists to continue their creative work.

Studio E Gallery, founded in 1996, focuses on contemporary fine art, three-dimensional media and sculpture. Nationally and internationally known artists are showcased, with a warm spotlight for southeastern artists of note.

Our Space
The space contains several viewing galleries, making it ideal for multiple exhibitions. With its pivoting and moveable walls, the gallery changes shape from month to month.


1% for the Community
Studio E pledges 1% of its revenues each year to community-based causes. We don't do a percentage of profit because profits can vary greatly from year to year - or not exist at all in a given year - and we want to consistently give back to this community which has given so much to all of us.

Wherever possible, we recycle ink cartridges, batteries, technology, shipping products, repurpose wood, cardboard, bubble wrap, peanuts and other packing material. This is good for the environment and good for you, lowering your packing costs. This is why we are consistently lower in packaging costs than mainstream shipping companies.