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Welcome to the new art season

Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 Winter Season

We have many new piece on in the gallery and many more arriving every two weeks!

New works from artist:

Leon Applebaum

Chad Awalt

Deborah Bigeleisen

Ruth Bloch

Gary Bodner

Mary Borgen

Sunny Choi

Rick Eggert

Ann Griffith

Ray Gross

Joseph Hanright

Stephen Hansen

Tolla Inbar

Anna Kincaide

James Leonard

Dan Meyer

Angela Nesbit

Susan Rankin

Brad Robertson

Marlene Rose

Brian Russell

Svetlana Shalygina

Amy Sullivan

Paul Tamanian

Scott Upton

Glass Mosaics
Through the Summer
Mary Borgen
These pieces must be seen up close. Luminous and intricate. Mary Borgen was a painter first before working with glass, and it shows. It is rare to find this kind of subtlety in glass mosaic.
Glass: Ancient Contemporary
Through the Summer
Shelley Muzylowski-Allen
Shelley Muzylowski-Allen's work straddles the millennia. It is at once of our time and timeless. Is it glass? Clay? Stone? Some other material? This is the question you'll ask yourself when in the presence of her work.