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Ted Borman

“My compositions reach to the edge, with a strong sense of `all-over painting’. All parts of the canvas are engaged, creating a never-ending dialogue from corner to corner. The paint itself is sumptuous, with the color both predictable and unpredictable. There is an intimacy of paint- paint for the sake of paint. The content is only a point of reference…my paintings are a reflection of the past and the present.

1987 Masters Degree, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
1981-84 Designer- A. B. Closson, Jr. Company, Cincinnati, OH

Selected Exhibitions
2005 45TH Anniversary Celebration with Selected Artists, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
2000 Life in Still, Agora Gallery, New York, NY
1999 New Paintings, Paul Schaff Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
1997 The Eight, Paul Schaff Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2005 City Lights and City Life, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH.
2003 Recent Paintings, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH






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