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Frits Van Eeden

Frits van Eeden was born in The Netherlands in 1944, in Tilburg. After World Warr II, the family moved to The Hague where Frits was exposed to artistic influences that were more readily available in the big city environment. By coincidence one of the neighbors, an elderly reclusive sculptress unknowingly presented Frits with artistic impulses, which opened his eyes to the creative process.

Frits' parents chose schools, which fortunately gave the opportunity for further development. The movement by Rudolf Steiner started to become very popular in experimental education and had a definite bearing in shaping his future. This system was able to discover and cope with severe dyslexia and somehow managed to develop alternatives, which might not have been available under other circumstances.

After private tutoring Frits was prepared for his professional training. A combination of classes by teachers at The Hague Academy and the Delft School of Art formed the start. Passing a series of acceptance exams qualified Frits for admission to the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. After the Academy, the teachers who started him off invited him to join the Pulchri Art Society of The Hague as a working member. Here he was the first to be admitted into multiple disciplines.

Frits was awarded first prize in a competition recognizing the 125th Anniversary of the Amsterdam Zoo. His sketch, according to critics, was Rembrandt-like. After much practice and numerous sketches Frits managed to capture the essence of the subject using just a few lines.

A grant from the Dutch government allowed Frits to travel and study three years in England. He chose the UK primarily because of Henry Moore, the sculptor, whose work Frits particularly admired.

In 1984 Frits entered a juried competition at the Artist Forum at BACAM in Florida, where he won Best-In-Show with a large life-size sculpture of horses. Subsequent to this Frits was offered a position as instructor in a museum school, allowing him to concentrate on his art, as well as to passing on his knowledge to others.

After many years of working as a painter and sculptor his paintings have achieved a three-dimensional quality from his sculpting experience. His work has been widely exhibited and appears in numerous collections in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Frits Van Eedenís work now consistently sells out in shows in Europe. He has annual shows in Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as in the United States. Studio E Gallery is proud to be able to introduce his work to a South Florida audience.

A brief synopsis of a thirty year career:

1965 Traveling exhibit through Northern and Central Europe. Metal sculptings. Frits Van der Rijn prize.

1967 Government Printing Office, The Hague. Oil paintings.

1970 Congress Center, The Hague. Paintings and sketches.

Many Pulchri Studio, The Hague. Paintings, sketches, sculptings and other works.

1967 Gemeente Museum, Maasluis. Paintings and metal collages.

1969 Gemeente Museum, Maasluis. Sculpture.

1972 Gemeente Museum, Maasluis. Large scale paintings and triptychs.

1978 Studio Exhibit, The Hague. Painting, sculpture, metal collages.

1979 Idea Gallery, The Hague. Oil paintings.

1983 International Congress Center, The Hague. Wood sculpture.

1984 International Congress Center, The Hague. 70 paintings.

1985 Gallery Gansenrick, Oisterwijk. Painting

1986 Brevard Art Center, Melbourne, FL. 150 works.

1987 Gallery Gansenrick, Oisterwijk. Paintings

1989 Brevard Art Center, Melbourne, FL. 50 works.

1988 Seasons Gallery, Vero Beach, FL Monoprints & paintings.

1987 Winter Park, FL

1992 Herr-Chamblis Gallery, Hot Springs, AR. 40 paintings.

1995 Hennegar Center, Melbourne, FL. 40 works.

Many Voila, Melbourne, FL. Paintings.

1996 Pirates Moon, Melbourne, FL. Paintings.

1995 Bernards, Cocoa Beach, FL. Paintings.

1996 De Vlaming Gallery, Zoetermeer, Holland. Paintings and bronze sculpture

1996 De Bokkenterp, Krimpen a/d/Lek, Holland. Bronze sculptings.

1995-97 Twee Pauwen, The Hague, Holland. Paintings and bronze sculptings

1993 Queen's Hotel, Bremen, Germany. Paintings.

1994 Bank Building, Bremerhaven, Germany. Paintings and bronze sculptings

1968 Van der Vlist Gallery, Leiden, Holland. Small paintings.

1982 Pulchri Annex Gallery, Oogstgeest, Holland. Paintings and bronze sculptings

1990-94 Sophia Rehab Center, The Hague, Holland. Paintings.

1992-97 De Boer Project Design Center, The Hague, Holland. Paintings and sculptings.

1975-97 Artotheek , The Hague, Holland. Various works.

Collection C. Green, London, Oil paintings

Government Collection, Gemeente Museum, The Hague. 26 oil paintings,
3 sculptings in a total of 180 works since 1975.

Collection Reitsma, The Hague. Triptych oil on wood (inside), Metal
collage (outside).

Collection van Breugal, The Hague. Mural. 20 paintings, sculpture

Collection Botenga, The Hague. (4) metal panels.

Collection Ter Steeg Hoefnagels, Amsterdam. Oil paintings and special
metal sculpting/collage.

Collection Mokkenstorm/Ver Hagen, Zeeland, Holland. Works from

Collection Blyenberg Galleries, Leiden, Holland. Bronze sculpture,
seven paintings.

Collection FRA Financial Advisors Groep, Bunnik, Holland About 200 art
works in offices in Bunnik, Brussels.

Algemene Woningbouw Vereniging, The Hague. Bronze sculpture for shopping center.

Vekemans & Berk, Accountants, The Hague. Large scale paintings

Architectburreau van Mourik NV, The Hague. Metal collages

Juliana Kinderziekenhuis (Children's Hospital), The Hague. Metal Collage

Houtrust Church, The Hague. Large scale metal collage

Government Printing Office, The Hague. Major sculpting based on old
printing press. Weather vane atop building

Architectbureau Premsela, Amsterdam. Metal sculpture.

Gibs Groep NV (Yacht builders) - Alphen a/d Rijn. Metal collages.

Firma Poppers BV (Metal fasteners), Amsterdam. Metal sculpture using firms products.

Architectbureau van Dijk, The Hague. Metal collages.

Architectbureau Reitsma, The Hague. Plexiglass Room Dividers. Wood
sculpting 6' x 5', 5 bronze sculptures.

Firma Eversdijk (contractor), The Hague. Paintings, metal collages, special
restoration of two early 19th century paintings of Maartens.

Architectbureau deBruyn, Wassenaar. Wood sculpting

HDM/Mundus, subsid. of AMROBANK, Rotterdam, Delft, The Hague. Paintings and murals.

European Community, The Hague. Two-story mural.

Dutch Post Office, The Hague. Mural

Multi-Development Corp., The Hague. (2) 15-foot bronze sculptures.






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