Studio E Team

Dan Cella

The Idea Man

Dan Cella is the latest addition to the Studio E Gallery team. He spent the last 12 years as the art and marketing director for a digital multimedia firm specializing in international celebrity lifestyle content. He has orchestrated video shoots in London, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and beyond. Dan’s project management skills, vast client experience and charisma make him a wonderful asset to Studio E Gallery. He did not write this himself… he did. Sigh.

Julian Cassanetti

The Guy

Julian Cassanetti brings diverse cultural expertise to Studio E Gallery. He is the third generation in his family to be immersed in the art world. Julian comes to Palm Beach County after a successful multi-year run as the Musical Director for the Blue Man Group touring company. His passion for the arts in all its forms is palpable; his warm and thoughtful manner is greatly appreciated by Studio E clients.


Ann Griffith

The artist (and co-founder)

Studio E was originally founded as a gallery with a working studio. Though her art studio has since moved off premises, Ann Griffith still wears two hats: As an artist and as a gallery denizen. During the season Ann loves interacting with clients, while painting furiously during the off months.


Evan Griffith

The artist whisperer (and co-founder)

Evan Griffith is generally hidden away from the clients, for good reason. But the artists seem to like him well enough, so we let him badger them for their best work. You can join him in celebrating the creative life at His short book Burn Baby Burn: Spark The Creative Spirit Within is well reviewed on Amazon.

Kris Boschee

Art Ninja

Kris Boschee employs his quiet mastery in a number of crucial areas: gallery operations, art installation, home delivery, and art transport across the country; as well as packing, crating and shipping artwork around the globe.


Roseann Cherenson


Roseann Cherenson revels in making the accounts sing. Without her skill set, the fine machinery would grind to a halt pronto. Best of all, she makes sure our hard-working artists are paid in a timely manner!

Kelly Luchini

Appraiser/Special Projects

Studio E Gallery is proud and fortunate to have art expert Kelly Luchini as a connection to the appraisal world. Her extensive training and impressive credentials back her personal, detailed attention to clients’ fine art needs. She also swoops in and oversees special projects.