Studio E Gallery PGA Commons East, 4600 PGA Blvd. #101, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 - 561.799.3333 - StudioEGallery@aol.com

"Collecting art is my addiction and my love . . . Studio E is my favorite haunt." 

"We just flew in, and came straight from the airport.  We haven't even been home to change clothes.  That's how excited we were to see what's new in the gallery."

"You, and all of the staff at Studio E Gallery, are such professionals and your passion for art is apparent. You made our decision-making on [our] piece so much easier, and the investment worthwhile." 

"I tell everybody how amazing you are.  When I buy artwork from you guys, I don't buy just artwork, I buy a little bit of your hearts, because you're so sweet and thoughtful." 

"I fly all over and this gallery is truly something special."

"This is the nicest gallery in all of Florida.  How's that for a compliment?"

"Breathtaking. You should charge for people to see this. This is better than a museum. This is better than anything on Worth Avenue. It was an honor to walk through your gallery."

"We come from New York City and the Hamptons and we've never seen anything like this. This is the best we've ever seen. Just beautiful. Just beautiful."