What’s up with Atlanta-based painter Scott Upton?

From the age of 12, Scott Upton knew he wanted to be an artist. When looking at his paintings, one could argue that this was nothing short of fate, as he seems to encompass an innate understanding of light, color, and composition. His abstract strokes succeed in transforming nature, his main inspiration, into unique works of art.

In both the chaos and the calm of Upton’s landscapes, his apparent exploration of light unites the dynamism of the natural world that he depicts in each work. His beautiful interplay of color and light evoke powerful sentiments of hope, peace, and renewal.

Atlanta based abstract artist, Scott Upton's painting, "An Exotic Excursion."
Scott Upton’s “An Exotic Excursion”

In order to communicate the emotional effects of change, light, weather, and time, Upton uses a diverse array of techniques. He first employs strong dimensions of color, then enriches his work with coats of various transparent glazes. Sometimes, he will use textured materials or metal leaf to reinforce the depth and intrigue that lie at the core of his paintings.

Once he has built a robust foundation, he manipulates the layers by scraping off and reapplying paint to heighten the work’s underlying mystery. This practice creates a compelling composition commanded by variegated bits of color that echo the effects of light.

Viewers become increasingly enchanted by the painting as they discover that it embodies an incredible complexity which is only somewhat represented by its surface. This multi-dimensional theme naturally invokes profound reflection which undoubtedly contributes to the tranquility that all of Upton’s work exudes.

Atlanta based abstract artist, Scott Upton's painting, "Morning Sun."
Scott Upton’s “Morning Sun”

Upton’s gift to peacefully deconstruct landscapes has certainly not been left unrecognized. His work is displayed in corporate, public, and private settings both domestically and internationally. His collectors include The Ritz Carlton, Atlanta, The Breakers, Palm Beach, T-Pain, The Georgia Dome, Atlanta, and The John Bishop Collection, London, along with countless others.

His work has been a part of many benefits, such as those for the National MS Society and the American Cancer Society. Additionally, he has been mentioned in many publications, such as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in which writer Jerry Cullum said:

This Atlanta and North Carolina painter’s multilayered technique mixes acrylic paint with concealed reflective textures including silver and gold leaf, all sealed under a varnish of his own devising. Upton’s determined innovation in depth and surface distinguishes him from his sources, which include the late work of Mark Rothko but combine many other atmospheric abstractionists.”

Scott Upton’s “Full Color”


Upton currently resides in Georgia and continues to create captivating works of art that inspire contemplation and serenity.

Studio E Gallery is warmed by the work of Scott Upton. His artwork never fails to make an impact, regardless of the space in which it is hung.

Written by Arianna LaBarbier for Studio E Gallery

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